Advanced RPA Design and Development

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The Advanced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Design and Development course aims at providing a deep understanding and extensive hands-on experience on UiPath technologies such as Studio, Robots, and Orchestrator.

It prepares the student to independently build or lead production level automation and complex RPA solutions in the Robotic Enterprise Framework.

The course should be delivered in an instructor-led training environment. It has a 20-hour theory component and an associated lab component followed by 20-hours of Project work. The course is based on UiPath Studio version 2020.10.


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  • Build an end-to-end process development
  • Perform UiPath code reviews
  • Provide REFramework project support
  • Create and review project specifications
  • Debug and fix bugs
  • Add features to the existing automation processes


  • RPA Developers
  • Individuals in roles requiring RPA Developer expertise such as RPA Architects, Solution Designers, RPA Engineers, Solution Architects, Process Automation Architects, etc.


To understand and complete the course successfully, the student should have completed theRobotic Process Automation Design & Development course.


The 20-hour Theory course is divided into 9 lessons.

The Lab component of the course consists of exercises mapped to the Theory portion. Each exercise helps the student practice and apply the skills learned in the Theory section of the course.

The course comes with two projects. Each project will allow the students to apply all the skills and knowledge acquired during the course. Each project comes with its PDD, SDD, DSD and associated files. Project 1 also comes with Slides and is designed for classroom delivery. Project 2 does not have slides and should be given as a practice exercise for the students.


  • Project Organization, Debugging, and Error Handling
  • Input Activities and Input Methods
  • UI Synchronization Activities
  • Excel, PDF, and Email
  • Structured Data and Extraction Wizard
  • Selectors
  • Utilizing External Code
  • Orchestrator
  • Robotic Enterprise Framework

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Advanced RPA Design and Development

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