Node.js Advanced

26 Out 2021

  A 29 Out 2021


Horário: 18h45 - 21h45


Strengthen your knowledge of Node.js


This course targets professional developers who are familiar with JavaScript and who know how to use the Node.js to build a Web Server.


Participants of this course need to have a solid understanding of JavaScript and Node.js Development


  • Wrangling the File System
  • Securing Node.js
  • Real-time Communication with Node.js
  • Writing Your Own Node Modules
  • Node.Js Guidance

Wrangling the File System

  • Spawning a Child Process
  • Capturing Data from an EventEmitter
  • Reading and Writing Files Asynchronously

Securing Node.js

  • Express.js Pipeline Explained
  • What is Passport?
  • Integrating Passport.js and Express.js
  • Implementing Basic Authentication
  • Hashing passwords
  • Implementing Digest Authentication
  • Setting up an HTTPS web server
  • Preventing cross-site request forgery

Real-time Communication with Node.js

  • Peer to Peer Socket.io
  • Client-side Socket.io
  • Broadcasting Messages
  • Using Rooms

Writing Your Own Node Modules

  • Creating a test-driven module specification
  • Writing a functional module mock-up
  • Refactoring with prototypical inheritance
  • Extending a module’s API

Node.Js Guidance

  • Javascript Design Patterns

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Node.js Advanced

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Node.js Advanced

Desenvolvimento | 12h - Pós-Laboral: 18h45 - 21h45

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