MongoDB for Developers


This two-day MongoDB for Developers course spans the MongoDB gamut, covering CRUD, schema design, performance tuning, map-reduce, replication, and sharding.

By end of this MongoDB for Developers course, you will be ready to start building real- world applications on MongoDB and to recommend the best deployment strategies for those applications


  • Understand the MongoDB command shell, query API, and driver tools.
  • Design schemas that take advantage of the document data model and of MongoDB’s core features.
  • Understand how typical RDBMS schemas can be migrated to MongoDB.
  • Build efficient indexes and troubleshoot slow queries.
  • Configure both master/slave replication and replica sets.
  • Determine when to set up a shard cluster and how to configure it.
  • Troubleshoot common issues and failure scenarios.


  • MongoDB Overview
  • Working with documents
  • Schema Design
  • Performance Tuning I – Indexing and Query Optimization
  • GridFS for managing large binary objects
  • Aggregation
  • Replication and Durability
  • Auto-Sharding
  • Performance Tuning II
  • Administration and Troubleshooting
  • Introduction to drivers (Java/Python/Ruby/PHP/Perl)

MongoDB Overview

  • Origin, design goals
  • Key features
  • Production use cases and sample applications
  • Import sample data sets

Working with documents

  • Origin, design goals
  • Documents and data types
  • CRUD (inserts, queries, updates and atomic modifier, and deletes)

Schema Design

  • Schema comparisons: MongoDB vs. RDBMS
  • Normalizing / De-normalizing
  • Common schema scenarios (one-many, many-many, lists, trees, etc.)
  • Import sample data sets

Performance Tuning I — Indexing and Query Optimization

  • Index
  • Understanding your query execution plan

GridFS for managing large binary objects


  • Built-in functions (count, group, distinct)
  • Map-reduce

Replication and Durability

  • Master-slave replication
  • Replica sets
  • Using write concern for durability


  • When does sharding make sense?
  • How does sharding work?
  • Setting up a MongoDB shard cluster?
    • Choosing a shard key and indexes
    • Performance and use-case considerations
  • Administering a sharded cluster

Performance Tuning II

  • Getting the best performance out of MongoDB
  • Hosting MongoDB in the cloud
  • Using write concern for durability

Administration and Troubleshooting

Introduction to drivers: (Java/Python/Ruby/PHP/Perl)

  • How the drivers and shell communicate with MongoDB
  • BSON
  • MongoDB Wire Protocol

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