Jenkins Foundations


Learn the fundamentals required to implement Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) workflows using the Jenkins automation server in this 3-day course.


  • Have a solid understanding of the role that Jenkins plays in the software development lifecycle
  • Install a Jenkins server
  • Build software for it
  • Manage third party integrations/plugins and how to scale and secure Jenkins


This course is intended for teams considering using Jenkins as a CI/CD tool and looking to automate their software delivery process, as well as those who need guidelines on how to set up a CI/CD workflow using the Jenkins automation server.


  • Basic English knowledge
  • A programming language
  • The programming life cycle


  • Getting Started with Jenkins
  • Using Jenkins
  • Managing Jenkins
  • Best Practices
  • Pipeline
  • Blue Ocean
  • Jenkins Use-Cases
  • Operating Jenkins
  • Getting Started with Jenkins
    • Installing Jenkins
  • Using Jenkins
    • Fingerprints
    • Remote API
  • Managing Jenkins
    • Configuring the System
    • Managing Security
    • Managing Tools
    • Managing Plugins
    • Jenkins CLI
    • Script Console
    • Managing Nodes
    • Managing Users
  • Best Practices
  • Pipeline
    • Getting Started with Pipeline
    • Using a Jenkinsfile
    • Branches and Pull Requests
    • Extending with Shared Libraries
    • Pipeline Development Tools
    • Pipeline Syntax
  • Blue Ocean
    • Getting Started with Blue Ocean
    • Creating Pipelines
    • Dashboard
    • Activity View
    • Pipeline Run Details View
    • Pipeline Editor
  • Jenkins Use-Cases
    • Jenkins with .NET
    • Jenkins with Java
    • Jenkins with Python
    • Jenkins with Ruby
  • Operating Jenkins
    • Backing-up/Restoring Jenkins
    • Monitoring Jenkins
    • Securing Jenkins
    • Managing Jenkins with Chef
    • Managing Jenkins with Puppet

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Jenkins Foundations

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