Workshop Ansible Advanced


The Advanced Ansible Course is intended for students who are interested in developing and improving their skills with Ansible.

First lecture consists of a short review of Ansible basic functionalities, like Modules, Playbooks and Inventories, just to make sure that our students will be up to date with the basic features.
The next lesson will present topics like “Error Handling and Execution Strategies”, “Lookups”, “Dynamic Inventories”, “Roles”, while the second day of training approaches some more advanced features like “Templating”, “Ansible Pull”, “Ansible Galaxy” and an expert topic called “Debugging and Optimizing Playbook Execution”.

All of these topics are also covered in the practice sections, with guided labs and additional explanations from the trainer.


Esta formação é ministrada em Inglês.

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  • DevOps engineers
  • Linux system administrators
  • Release engineers
  • Infrastructure automation engineers
  • Systems design engineers


Good grasp of Ansible basic (playbooks, tasks, modules, variables, inventories) – however, a short review will be made in the first lecture, just to refresh these features

Nice to have: 

  • Familiarity with the Linux CLI and command-line text editors like vi/vim/nano
  • Familiarity with YAML language
  • We recommend completing Ansible Fundamentals course


  • Modules and Playbooks – Review
  • Error Handling During Playbook Execution. Execution Strategies
  • Lookups
  • Dynamic Inventory. Inventory Plugins
  • Ansible Roles Deep Dive. Writing Your Own Roles
  • Templating Using Jinja2
  • Ansible Pull
  • Delegation
  • Ansible Galaxy

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Workshop Ansible Advanced

Devops | 14h - e-learning


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