JBoss Application Administration I (AD248)

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Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I teaches you the best practices for installing and configuring Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) 7. Through hands-on labs, learn the essential, real-world tasks that a system administrator needs to know to effectively deploy and manage applications on JBoss EAP.

After completing this course, you should be prepared to take the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Enterprise Application Server Administration exam (EX248).

In this hands-on, lab-intensive course, you will learn about and perform the following duties:

  • Installing and run JBoss EAP 7 in standalone mode and domain mode
  • Configuring a domain
  • Deploying applications to JBoss EAP 7
  • Configuring the datasource subsystem
  • Configuring Java Message Service (JMS) and HornetQ
  • Configuring the logging subsystem
  • Configuring the web subsystem
  • Implementing application security in JBoss EAP 7
  • Configuring the batch subsystem
  • An introduction to clustering


Diagnóstico de Competências

Teste previamente os seus conhecimentos, ou os da sua equipa, em:

  • Red Hat Satellite
  • Ansible
  • RH JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
  • RH Gluster Storage
  • RH OpenShift
  • RH OpenStack Platform
  • RH Enterprise Linux 7
  • RH Fuse
  • RH Camel
  • RH AMQ
  • RH Ceph Storage
  • RH Identify Management
  • RH Enterprise Linux 8

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  • System administrators who are either new to Red Hat JBoss or have experience with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6


  • Base experience with system administration on Microsoft Windows, UNIX, or Linux® operating systems
  • Understanding of hardware and networking
  • No prior knowledge of Java, scripting, or JBoss Developer Studio is required


  • Overview of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP)
  • Configure JBoss EAP in standalone mode
  • Script configure and deploy applications
  • Configure JBoss Enterprise Application Platform as a managed domain
  • Configure servers in a managed domain
  • Configure datasources
  • Configure the logging subsystem
  • Configure the messaging subsystem
  • Secure JBoss EAP
  • Configure the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  • Configure the web subsystem
  • Deploy clustered applications
  • Configure the batch subsystem
  • Discover new features in JBoss EAP 7
  • Comprehensive Review of Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I

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