Workshop Ansible Fundamentals


The Ansible Fundamentals course is intended for students just starting out with Ansible. This first course in the series is designed to get you up and running with the basics of Ansible quickly and to lay a foundation for building upon.

The online training for beginners starts with installing and configuring Ansible itself, an overview of the YAML language, then we discuss what a play and playbooks are.

Some key Ansible features and modules will be explained and demonstrated with use cases in the practice labs.


Esta formação é ministrada em Inglês.

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  • DevOps engineers
  • Linux system administrators
  • Release engineers
  • Infrastructure automation engineers
  • Systems design engineers


  • Basic Linux administration skills (user management, working with the command line, file permissions, etc.)
  • Nice to have: A basic knowledge of YAML will help with understanding Ansible file structure – however, this is not mandatory (the basics of YAML will be presented during the training)


  • Introduction to Ansible
  • Running Ad Hoc Commands
  • Host Inventories
  • YAML Overview. Basic Playbooks
  • Basic Ansible Playbooks, Loops and Conditions
  • Ansible Modules Deep Dive. Writing Idempotent Playbooks.
  • Facts. Variables. Templates
  • Ansible Vault. Roles. First Steps to Building Reusable Playbooks

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Workshop Ansible Fundamentals

Devops | 14h - e-learning


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